53 Seater Minibus

This is another highly cost-effective transportation method. It is awesome for moving larger crowds without an iota of stress or discomfort. Schools planning for a field trip, as well as corporates may find this 53-seater minibus ideal for their transport needs. Business executives making airport transfers, college students going for an excursion, transfers to a conference venue, as well as festival event organizers looking to transport their performers and staff should also consider hiring Kettering Minibus 53-seater minibus. The minibus comes fitted with lots of great features to enhance your comfort- reclining seats so you can rest when you are tired, seat belts to enhance the safety of every passenger, curtains and tinted windows if your crew prefers a little more privacy. It also features a refrigerator to allow you to store drinks and snacks as well as a hot drinks facility to help you keep warm during chilly nights. The air-conditioning system helps keep the air warm and cold, depending on the temperature. Its PA system, Bluetooth and advanced music system should keep you entertained during the long journey. Needless to say, Kettering Minibus vehicles undergo regular maintenance, so it does not break down during the trip. Additionally, we know that when travelling in large groups, the aspect of cost is of primary importance. The 53-seater minibus provides an efficient way to reduce the per-head costs significantly while giving your friends a comfortable means of transport. Coupled with Kettering Minibus low overheads and margins, we can provide the most affordable rates for your trip to Kettering.


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