Planning a wedding means having a lot to do. Asking people to drive their cars may not be ideal as some people may have flown in just to attend the ceremony. Hence, they may not have a car for use. With Kettering wedding minibus, transportation doesn’t have to be an issue. We’ll move you and your guests to various destinations and help you minimize costs to a large extent. Kettering Minibus hire for weddings also provides convenience to the bride and the groom as they have peace of mind that their guests are going to arrive at the ceremony safely. You may engage the minibus for the entire day if the reception area and chapel are in different locations. This way, the minibus moves the guests and the wedding party to the reception comfortably and safely. At the end of the day, the minibus will also carry the wedding guests to their homes safely.

Additionally, if you are expecting a lot of guests who are flying into Kettering, you want to make arrangements for a convenient means of transport for them too. Kettering Wedding Minibus will take care of this too you only need to book for this kind of arrangement. What’s more, if your bridal party needs to make a short trip to the hairdresser before fitting their dresses, you want a convenient means of transport. Kettering Minibus can pick the ladies and drive them to the hairdressers and take them back in time for dressing up. This way, we reduce the risk of any of the members showing up late for the wedding ceremony.

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