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Moving in and out of Kettering is much easier when you rely on the expertise of our company. We offer the very best and most versatile transportations and logistics services all through Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Our transportation services are the most effective in the city and we take pride in our ability to make various transportations services available to our clients.

At Kettering Minibus, we provide all our services with the comfort and safety of our clients in mind. This is why we make sure to do all we can to ensure that we are able to meet each and every one of their needs and fast. Through the delivering of versatile and highly varied services, we have been able to achieve that goal. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond quickly to the most pressing and ‘crunch time; demands of our clients and as such, we are the perfect choice for any occasion or service, whenever you need it.

We make sure to recruit only the best drivers. Our drivers are drilled so as to imbibe our culture and work ethic in them and we also ensure that they have good knowledge of the entire town of Kettering so as to be able to easily move customers around.

We also put our vehicles in high esteem. Our vehicles are very roadworthy and we make sure to have them tested before dispatching them for jobs. They are also fitted with basic transportation comfort facilities and tracking gear, all of which help us in our commitment to serve you better.

If you ever need to travel in and around Kettering, we are always at your service.

Our Vehicles

At our firm, we are known for our well-maintained minibuses and coaches that provide the best transportation services in Kettering town. We have been in business for more than a decade and have learnt a lot from experience about our client’s needs. Kettering Minibus offers executive and standard coach hire and procures renowned automobile brands with vetted specifications to provide comfort, quality and reliability. Our minibuses are less than six years old and we strive to deliver industry standard transportation services. Here are the vehicles used by Kettering Minibus hire company:

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

The 16-seater Iveco Minibus makes group travel even more exciting. It is an awesome vehicle, with enough space and travelling amenities for you and others to have a relaxing trip throughout. The vehicle is equipped with reclining seats, comfortable flooring and luggage racks that accommodate baggage of up to 2.5m3 in capacity. It has a roof trimming, two types of doors and unique seating lengths and layouts. We can customize the seating arrangements upon request to match the unique needs of our clients without compromising on comfort, add-on features and passenger capacity. Iveco 16-seater minibus also comes fitted with LED lights for use during night travel and air-conditioning system to ensure you remain comfortable during hot weather. It also has USB ports on each seat to ensure your phones stays juiced throughout the trip. Its built-in satellite navigation system enhances safety while the drinks fridge fitted in the vehicle keep you invigorated throughout the journey. If you are travelling with people who have disabilities, you are assured of their comfort as our able professionals will request quick-removal seats as well as rear access ramps to ensure comfort. Additionally, if you are an environment enthusiast, you don’t have to worry about air pollution as Iveco 16-seater is CNG powered. It also has a reversing camera, destination display board to keep you up to tabs about your location, ticket machines and stop buttons.

12 to 16-Seater Ford Transit

The 12 to 16-seater Ford Transit vehicle encapsulates comfort and style perfectly. Amenities such as a TV set and captain’s chair passenger seats make it awesome for providing comfort and ease. The vehicle features some the best Ford features that ensure durability, flexibility and capability. To begin with, this 12-16 seater Ford Transit has three roof heights and three body lengths. With passenger seats designed to allow a four-way adjustment system, you can easily take a nap in the vehicle. Additionally, it features Ford Sync, a feature that allows passengers to give voice commands for songs to play from an MP3, iPod or stream music using Bluetooth. The vehicle also has automatic headlights that detect sudden changes in light conditions or the failing light at dusk thus enhancing your safety if your trip lasts until late in the evening. For additional safety, Kettering Minibus hire ensures the 12-16 seater Ford Transit features a stability control system that monitors the progress of the vehicle when driving. It notifies the driver when he loses control so that he can apply brakes. The anti-lock braking feature and traction control system come in handy when monitoring the behaviour of the vehicle especially if you and your friends are travelling during the night. Its rubber flooring should keep you warm if your trip comes during the cold season.

Executive Minibus Mercedes

The executive Mercedes Minibus comes in both the 8 and 16-seater capacities and it is perfect for making a strong statement, especially in business and formal gatherings. To begin with, the vehicle features luxurious leather seats adding to the already plush look. It has been fitted with panoramic windows that give a clear view of Kettering’s countryside from the comfort of this plush vehicle. Since this executive ride is specially designed for corporates or business executives, it comes with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot that helps you surf or sends documents. Its LED reading lights and air-conditioning vents are fitted for use by each passenger, so you are sure to complete book you have been reading while travelling. Kettering Minibus hire for executive minibus Mercedes also features onboard entertainment to rid of the boredom that comes with long travels. The climate control system and ambient lighting should keep you relaxed during both hot and cold weather. It also has built-in refrigerators for you to store drinks or snacks and DVD systems. The vast decker storage you store luggage and equipment you may be using and allows easy accessibility.

Renault Standard 16-Seater

The Renault Standard also provides the ultimate way to travel in comfort. It’s got 16 seats, all of which are relaxing and enabling for a comfortable trip. It has an air-conditioning system that adjusts based on the temperature of the region to keep every passenger comfortable throughout the trip. If you are the kind that loves nature, Kettering Minibus hire for the Renault standard 16-seater comes fitted with windows and full draw curtains to provide a panoramic view of the best of Kettering’s town. We have included the latest Renault model in our fleet of vehicles. The model features lots of add-ons to give the illusion of a luxurious Mercedes on the Renault Standard 16-seater minibus. As such, the vehicle comes fitted with seats that have three-point lap system and diagonal seat belts, a dashboard with white dials, a lane departure warning and a panoramic sunroof. The vehicle is also optimised for Bluetooth connection if you want to stream music from your phone or other devices.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus

The Volkswagen Crafter is strong and still comfortable. It is built to withstand some of the sharpest bends and no matter what, you’ll still be comfortable while in it. Though a standard model, the manufacturer has designed this vehicle to provide the best of comfort and does not compromise on the luxurious features most clients look for. It has push-back seats made of leather and is fitted with seat belts to enhance your safety while the front grille improves the look of the vehicle. Kettering Minibus hire for the Volkswagen Crafter also comes fitted with an LCD monitor to keep you entertained throughout the journey and an air conditioning system in the front and rear to regulate the temperature in the minibus. The vehicle is ideal for passengers travelling long distances as it reduces the impact of such journeys.

Vehicles Used by Kettering Minibus Hire

Kettering Minibus hire provides both standard and executive fleets. Executive vehicles come fitted with extra frills you may not find in standard minibuses. However, it does not mean standard vehicles compromise on the comfort of the client. On the contrary, they are designed to ensure comfort at a reduced rate. They also feature plush seats, air conditioning systems and lighting features. As earlier highlighted, Kettering Minibus vehicles are not allowed to serve more than six years and go through regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance. As a consequence, you should not expect the vehicle to break down during a trip due to mechanical problems. Additionally, our drivers are experienced and street savvy, hence are sure to avoid traffic and busy roads when driving to your destination. Here are some of the most popular vehicles used by our clients.

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