Nights Out

If you would like to go out for a night in the town, then you’ll need a suitable and befitting ride. We can get you this at a reasonable price. The minibuses come with chauffeurs to ensure you go to the party without worrying about drinking too much. Night outs are often characterised by people drinking too much and causing accidents as their ability to operate vehicles is impaired. With any of Kettering Minibus fleet of cars, you are sure to arrive at the club or other joints you have planned while our chauffeurs take charge of transportation. Note that the chauffeurs will not just drop you off at your drinking joint; Night Outs Minibus Kettering chauffeurs will wait for the clients to drive them back to their homes. The essence of creating this package was to provide a safe means of transport for tourists visiting Kettering after a night out. European countries are known for their zero tolerance policy towards drinking and driving, hence the need to be on the safe side if you and your friends are going for a night out. Whether you are going for a hen and stag party, a simple night out with lots of booze or a pub crawl, Kettering Minibus has got you covered.

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