Horse Racing

Kettering has an abundance of racecourses. We can easily get you to anyone for you to catch an anticipated race and back. Kettering Minibus company know that having a reliable means of transport for Northampton’s Towncester Racecourse not only adds to the fan’s thrilling experience but also gives everybody the peace of mind. Depending on the size of the group you intend to carry to the racecourse, you may choose a coach or luxury minibus as most clients for the package comprise corporates. It is because for most of the high-end community horseracing makes a favorite outdoor activity given their busy life. Kettering Minibus coaches and luxury minibuses are not limited to Northampton’s racecourses but they can drive you to other choice destinations, depending on the day of the event- say Ascot racecourse at Berkshire, Bath racecourse at Somerset, Chester racecourse at Chester and so on. Some companies use racing day outs as a way or rewarding their employees as well as their families, thus ensuring you and your family arrive safely is our priority. Another advantage of hiring a coach or luxury minibus for a horse racing event is that you get to enjoy yourself without a worry in the world about driving home. You and your colleagues and families just need to gather at a pre-arranged pick up point for a drive home. Be sure to arrange for a common pick up point when attending the event; horseracing events are pretty popular in the UK, hence the need to avoid the traffic that come with them.

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