Let us add a layer of class and prestige to your birthday. If you would like to celebrate it elaborately, we can help move your guests. Whether you are planning to hold it in one of Kettering’s prestigious hotels, relaxing in a spa, or holding brunch with friends and family, Kettering Minibus for birthdays has got you covered. You only need to make a reservation for a minibus with the ideal number of people you expect and specify it is for a birthday party. Be sure to liaise with our representative in the event of notable changes like the number of people to be carried with the minibus and the day of celebration as this may affect transportation arrangements on our end. Kettering Minibuses for birthdays are not just drab; they come with onboard entertainment in case you are travelling a long distance, air-conditioning system and screens. The seats also have armrests and are fitted with a reclining feature to allow you rest. They also have ample legroom, so you don’t arrive at the party tired.

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