Cheap Minibus and Coach Hire

Minibuses and coaches are available for hire with Kettering Minibus at cost-effective and pocket-friendly prices any day. When it comes to pricing, we use a value-based policy, which means that we charge prices based on the value the journey brings to you. As such, you are confident that when you book with Kettering Minibus, you enjoy a cheap minibus and coach hire that prioritises your transportation needs. We always advise our potential customers to make early bookings and make reservations during off-peak hours to take advantage of our low rates and discounts. Coach hire helps you make incredible savings, especially if you are travelling with a large group of people. Our minibuses have different capacities, ranging from 8-53-seaters; it all depends on the number of people. At Kettering Minibus, we give seasonal discounts and deals for various vehicles. You only need to make a reservation in advance to take advantage of these deals. Our representatives are more than happy to inform you about some of the latest offers and settle at a reasonable rate for you and your loved ones. Note that minibuses with driver packages are available throughout the year and haggling for a subsidised rate does not, in any way, compromise on the kind of service we offer our clients. Talk to us to take advantage of the best of cheap minibus and coach hire package.


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