Concert Minibus Kettering

Enjoy some soul-lifting music at any of Kettering’s concerts and let’s worry about the rest. Just show up and be ready for a wonderful time. If you are the kind that attends concerts regularly, you know the hassle that comes with travelling to such an event. Ticket buying is already difficult enough, hence most people prefer buying the tickets first before making transportation arrangements. Most tickets are held in another town during the week, which compels you to take public transport and in some cases, leave home early to ensure you take the last train to the concert.

At Kettering Minibus, we provide a solution for your transportation problems for you and your friends. Concert Minibus Kettering is a package designed for 6 to 24 people rids of the issues of having to leave home early to fit in the public transportation schedule or missing out on the concert entirely. Kettering Minibus provides drivers for the concert Minibus Kettering package, hence no need to look for a designated driver. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the routes within and outside Kettering, so you are sure to arrive for the concert on time. The vast range of minibuses and coaches with different seating capacities allows you to book your choice vehicle for a hassle-free ride to the concert.


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